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Research task 2.2: Lucy Austin

Untitled_Artwork 1(1)

On first glace I wouldn’t have thought lucy Austin as a watercolour artist, her work seems very acrylic to me. I find it fascinating when someone breaks the mold, someone who is different within the medium itself.
I love trying things differently, even so this is an eye opener as if you was to show me her work, I would reach for my acrylics. So I did reach for the acrylic to recreate an image I was drawn to, but I did it how I felt looking at the work, almost because the direct contract in the colours it could almost be a mirror in the middle of the painting…
So that what I tested withing my sketchbook, a painting with a mirror in the middle.


(Above) main course sketchbook page
I REALLY like these colours together and the leaves and branch theme I ended up creating.


While Liz steel is similar in a way to how I use water colour now.
She almost is a direct contrast to Austins work, she also reminds me of Danny Gregory in a way, more so the way she fills her pages, but more softer spoken and gentle in nature.

I’m thinking I’m naturally drawn to these sketchbook type of pages. (even if find joy and fun in the many other artist I have on my list to research, I cannot deny a pull in this direction)

Research, references and credits
Lucy Austin website.
Floating circle, 2018


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